The success of every single woman is an inspiration for another- Diane Von Funtersberg.

I love this quote from Diane Von Funtersberg! I’ve been watching her reality TV “House of DVF” and I found that she is such a humble and sweet person. She definitely is an inspiration for me! One doesn’t have to bring down others in other to climb up… because Honey you will be lonely on top!


I’ve realized that many people, women in particular, view the success of others as a threat to their own success; whereas they should be proud that other women are making a name for themselves in a male predominant world.


So as we begin this new year, I would love to encourage you to be a lifter! Lift people up with your words and actions! Remember the next generation is watching! 😉

Btw, I had to include my little nephew who wanted badly to be in the pictures! Such a cutie, right!! 🙂


Outfit details:

Dress: H&M  (try this)

Sandals: Aldo 


Until next time,


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