If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know that you have arrived!

I am a firm believer of writing out my goals. It doesn’t have to be necessarily done on January 1st at 12:01 but I do believe that one needs to lay out its plan. January is coming to an end, and I bet some of you are thinking “OMG!! Time has gone by so quickly!” And maybe you realize that you haven’t done anything in particular besides living out the routine that you’ve grown so accustomed to.
In my field of work, this time of year is the busiest! So, I definitely have to fight out the routine (and laziness) if I want to accomplish something!


This year, one of my goals is to be more involved  in the art community, to be an “art connoisseur”, for a lack of better words. I do consider fashion as an art! Just see all the masterpieces created by Jean-Paul Gauthier! But I want to broaden my “horizons”: attend more art exhibits, go to ballet shows, etc. I also want to finish decorating the house. My hubby and bank account won’t like that, but hey… 😛
I also have more personal goals. I write them down, meditate on them and evaluate how I am going to achieve them. And every two or three months, I evaluate how close I am to reaching them. A wise person once said on Facebook: If the plan doesn’t work, don’t change the goal. Change the plan (non verbatim)


So don’t just wander around with no purpose in life. Life is supposed to be lived from glory to glory!  So maybe your month of January just passed by and nothing got done. Don’t let the year go by and still be at the starting point.


Outfit details:

Sequin vest: Zara- Splurge on this

Crop Top: Dynamite- Try this

Pants: H&M- Try this

Shoes: Zara- Splurge on this


Until next time,


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