I have decided to kick my laziness in the ass. These pictures (and others that I have yet to post) have been taken a while back… But as you can imagine.. I’ve been bitten by the bug called procrastination!

All of us have been guilty one way or another of procrastination. We even procrastinate on sleep! When you know that you have to wake up early in the morning, but prefer to watch one last episode, let’s make that 3, of your favorite TV show… you just procrastinated on your sleep. The next morning you wake up feeling like crap because you didnt get your 8 hour sleep. I bet you didn’t think of that as procrastination!


I decided enough is enough! And what better way to fight back procrastination with this edgy bad-ass look! 😉 Here are four ways that I have found that help fight off procrastination! You are welcome 😉

  • Stop blaming everything and everyone.

The road to recovery starts with self-acceptance. We have to stop blaming other people or the weather changing or like I was doing, blaming “the light saving situation” to not do what we are supposed to do. Blaming others strips you down of your power. When you blame others for your situation, you are basically handing them the keys to your life, saying they control whether or not you succeed in your life. You decide whether or not you are satisfied with your current situation and make a change for it.

  • Establish attainable goals

I’m stressing on “attainable”. For example, if you’ve never exercise in your life, don’t start by running  a marathon! Start with goals that you can achieve. start by a 30 min walk. And slowly increase the pace. If you start with an unattainable goal, you will be more inclined to give up on the first try.


  • Be accountable for your actions.

Have someone with whom you share your goals that will check up on you and that will encourage you if (or when) you slide off the course. During the summer, a friend and I used to check on each other to see if we did our morning runs. Believe me, just knowing that she would ask me, made me jump off the bed and run!! I mean, I could’ve lied 😛 but I would be the one living with the consequences of my actions (in that case, lack of action) And most importantly, I like to sleep with a clear conscious 😉

  • Learn to eliminate distractions.

If you’re easily distracted and get off track by social media, etc., learn to steer clear from them. Usually, when I want to get something done without any distractions, I usually put my phone on airplane mode or just “kill-off” the internet from my computer (if I don’t need it for work). Or for example, if you and your friend can’t stop talking when you get together, well baby girl, maybe she shouldn’t be your study buddy! You have to recognize your weaknesses and find a way not to fall victim to them.


Outfit details:

Jacket: Dynamite (Try this)

Turtleneck: Forever 21 (Try this)

Necklace: Aldo (Try this)

Leggings: Dynamite (Try this)

Boots: Steve Madden


I hope these will help you take your life into control and stop giving in to procrastination!

Until next time,


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    • The Fashion Peak
      November 25, 2015 / 9:58 am

      Thank you dear!!😊