I had my first night out, without the baby, a couple of  weeks ago! 💃🏽 Hubby and I went to celebrate a friend of ours surprise birthday party! And boy, did we have fun! 🎉

Being 24/7 with a baby can certainly take its toll on someone; and, I definitely needed a little time out. A time where hubby and I (most importantly me! 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽) could be “just us two”, socialize  and unwind with our friends! However, this night out depended on whether or not, Chloé would take the bottle! We still hadn’t introduced her to the bottle and she had already rejected the pacifier, so I was trying out my luck! I actually waited out till the Friday before our outing, to try and see if she would take the bottle without putting on a fight!

Well, mama got lucky 🍀! And though at first, she was grimacing when we first gave her the bottle, as soon as she realized that there was some milk coming out of it, she  drank that bottle like a big girl! #ProudMama

“But who was babysitting Chloé?”, you might ask. Don’t worry 😉! Chloé spent the evening with her grandmother, who was more than happy to babysit! Hubby and I had a great time celebrating our friend and this little outing reminded me that before being a mother, I am firstly a woman!

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Until next time

xoxo 💋

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