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“You get the future you believe, not the future you want!”

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I recently posted on Instagram this quote. We all want to achieve big things in life, but sometimes we are the ones impeding our future success. For instance, the other day at a camera equipment store, I heard a woman say to the salesman nonchalantly  “you’ll see me back when I drop it (her camera) in a couple of months!” 👀👀 My hubby and I had to do a double take because we could not believe our ears! Without knowing it, this woman was prophesying her future! She was already declaring defeat : 1) she’s a clutz and 2) she will be shelling out money to replace a camera that she just bought (I don’t know about you but I have better things to do with my money than just replacing cameras because I break them..) They say you can’t predict the future, I say we can, just by listening to what we are saying!

Have you declared things over your life, without giving it a second thought but then you find yourself actually living that situation! For example, you say: ” Oh don’t mind me.. I’m the forever 3rd wheeling girl! 😏” or “Why do these (unfortunate) things always happen to me?”. Maybe you feel like all of the world’s woes just seem to fall over you! You are not cursed! But honey, the more you declare it, the more these (unfortunate) things will keep on happening to you!

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We are already halfway through the year and I want you to assess what you have accomplished so far. Are you still at the same starting point!? Complaining to your friends about the same situation over and over again? Are you speaking life to the wrong things? Or are you declaring prosperity, health, success over your life? Achieving new heights, facing new challenges, living life to the fullest? Don’t get me wrong! We all have “slip ups”. We all have moments where we overdramatize little things that happen to us! I know I do!🙋🏽 But take a moment to analyse the words that are coming out of your mouth and maybe you’ll start seeing your future going in the direction you truly want it to go!


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