Productivity1Between going to work, catching up with our favorite TV shows, squeezing in some gym time and trying to have a so-called social life, everything can be pretty hectic and one might feel overwhelmed with an over-packed agenda! Before you know it, your productivity is lacking and you get frustrated with yourself.

Today’s post is about my 5 essentials productivity tools that I use to boost my efficiency in everything that I do:

#1- Make a to-do list

I am a self-proclaimed control/organized freak! I love when everything is in order and knowing what is laying ahead of me. So my IPhone is full with all kinds of to-do lists that I schedule. Plan ahead and decide which task is priority and schedule a deadline. Being an accountant, I’m always confronted with deadlines having to be met on a tight schedule, so making a list of priority tasks helps me stay organized.

#2- Learn to say “NO”

Learn to say “No” to that friend who is always taking up all your energy! Learn to say “NO” to that activity that you know will keep you awake all night when you have an early morning planned ahead. Learn to say “No” to your favorite TV shows that run late at night (That’s why we have PVR people! 😀 ). Learn to say “No” to all that will not benefit you in any kind of way!

#3- Be an opportunity grabber

Let me just explain before you start giving me the side eye! 😀 Opportunities come before us subtly, with no fanfares! Be quick to realize opportunities that present themselves to you! For example, I commute every day to work! Instead of using my time on Instagram, I use it to write a blog post!  If an interesting idea crosses my mind, I write it down on my smartphone immediately! My Hubby likes to say that postponing will only make your dream stay a dream! So, every day be intentional on seizing every opportunity that come before you!

#4- Fuel your energy

Every CPA in Canada has to pass an exam called UFE. It’s a three-day exam which ranges from 4 to 5 hours (non stop) that literally makes you feel brain dead after each day. I wrote this exam and didn’t pass the first time. 😯 When I got my copy to see where I was lacking, my coach and I discovered that it was always at the end of my copies that my performance was going downhill. Basically, my energy was down since I ate in the morning at about 7 and was taking a snack at 12pm ! So the next year, I changed my habits! I woke up, did a little work out to take the stress out, ate my breakfast. But during the exam, I had all kinds of snacks to eat! I basically was eating every hour! And guess what? Today I’m a proud CPA! 😉

 #5- Be in the moment!

Don’t start thinking about your next thing to do and fussing about it. If you’ve allotted a certain time frame for something, focus on that one thing only. I know that they say women can multitask but hey! I found that multitasking sometimes is one of the originators of stress!

So here are my 5 tools to help me be productive. What are yours??


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