The other day, my baby had a congested nose and to help her breathe correctly, we had to literally suck the snot out her nose using the Nose Frida (a snot-sucker nasal aspirator). She was fighting it off as we were trying to suck it out. But once she realized that it was for her own good, she stopped fighting  as we were sucking out the snot in the other nostril.

This made me think about all the times we’ve left a setback / an obstacle keep us from reaching our goals. We’ve left our fear of getting hurt paralyze us from taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Are your goals just wishful thinking? Or have you set a clear and unequivocal strategy to attain them. We have so much to learn from this little anecdote of Chloé. The pain of today is the gain of tomorrow! Simply put: No pain, no gain!

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Can I be honest with you guys? I love food!! I mean LOVE food!(My Instagram stories can attest to that) And it doesn’t help that one of my guilty pleasures is to watch Masterchef (USA, Canada, Australia) or any type of cooking show I can find! It doesn’t help also that I’m trying to lose a couple of pounds to get back to my pre-baby weight. Breastfeeding did help with losing a big chunk of the weight. But there’s  a little “stubborn” weight that I’m determined to permanently shake off!  Some of you might say: “Well you just gave birth to a baby, which took nine months to “cook”, cut yourself some slack!”. While I am in no way advocating starving myself to death to give in to the unrealistic Hollywood goals, I am also not advocating eating brownies every day in order to give myself some slack. I wouldn’t want for Chloe to be 10 years old and I’m still trying to lose these couple of pounds! So, “portion control” have  become my favorite words and even though it’s not easy to workout when you have a newborn baby at home, I try to sneak in 30 min of workout while she naps and make the most of it.

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For some of you, it can be a #bodygoal journey, just like me. For others, it can be buying your own house! Whatever the name of your goal, what are you doing today to achieve it? Are you being smart with your money and saving up for that dream house? Or are you giving in to the multiple sales going on right now!! ( I know some sales are just too good of a deal to pass! 🙋🏽🙈) But if you want to achieve the financial goals that you aspire to, you have to start making some wise choices! So, why don’t you start by unsubscribing to those advertising emails, who seem to always convince you that you need another white shirt in your collection! You’ll thank me later 😉

Like I said in the beginning, the pain of today is the gain of tomorrow! Stop procrastinating and get to work!

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