What happens when those that started with you or worse, after you, are now long ahead of you? You see them all accomplishing the dreams that you were once encouraging them to adhere to and now you find yourself on the other end of the conversation… What do you do when those feelings of jealousy and let’s admit it, self/pity come around? View Post


Red Velvet ❤️!! I think it’s my favorite flavor of all time! Don’t know how I lived before without red velvet! I love it so much that for my Hubby’s birthday, even though his favorite flavor is chocolate… I pressed/convinced him to get a red velvet cake!! View Post



The holidays are fast approaching, and you will soon find yourself attending and even hosting events! While everyone will be sipping on that chilled-to-the-bone champagne, us pregnant ladies will “politely” decline every passing tray! But who says you should miss on all the fun! There are some amazingly exquisite mocktails that you can try and here’s one that I will definitely be making for all my hosting duties! View Post