Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-7

{Open back crop top: Editorial, try this |Side slit skirt: Zara, try this}

Wedding season is in high gear! You’ve rsvp’d to all the weddings you’ve been invited to! But now the real question is what are you going to wear ?!

Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-0

Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-2

{Mules: Shoemint, Try these or these)

Even though we don’t want to upstage the bride, we still want to look good! I mean, we do have a reputation to maintain now, don’t we? This is a perfect look for a midday wedding for summer: Sexy yet classy, confidence oozing all the way thru! I definitely was feeling like Angelina Jolie with my leg sticking out of the side slit skirt. And the bralette showing in the back is a nice surprise that adds extra personality to this look!

Fun Fact: I actually wore this look way back in November 2015. Hubby and I were invited to a friend’s wedding in New York! We road tripped there and of course I had to stop to Woodbury Outlets and stock up on some major goodies!  Fall had just settled in and the cold was slowly creeping in. But being the fearless blogger that I am, I sucked it up, tossed my coat in the car and braved the elements!! Oh the things we do for fashion! We later stopped by the Empire State Building, because no New York trip would be complete without paying a visit to that famous skyscraper!

Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-5

Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-1


Open Back-Side Slit Skirt-3

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