Versailles 5

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Versailles is such a rich and wonderful place. However, the lines to get in are a killjoy! Nearly an hour and a half! Thankfully, Hubby is such a gentleman, and insisted I stayed in the shades while he sucked up all the Vitamin D he could ever need for a lifetime! 😉 Isn’t he nice? I wouldn’t let that reprieve past by! Even though I come from the Caribbean, I’m not much of a sun-lover, especially when it’s scorching hot! !

Versailles 3


We first visited the Palace, which is grandiose in every aspect possible. So much history condensed in one place! Though my taste in decor is slightly (DEFINITELY) different from the Louis XIV style, I can appreciate the lavish French Baroque Style. I especially loved the Hall of Mirrors! The only downside to our visit in the Palace was that some arts that were originally displayed were taken down for maintenance. 🙁

Versailles 2

After a much needed lunch break, we headed down to The Gardens, which you can imagine turned out to be the highlight of this visit! Imagine, eight hundred hectares of land magnificently manicured like a labyrinth! One could get lost in this perfectly styled maze.

Versailles 4


Versailles 1

We did not get  a chance to visit the Grand Triannon, as well as Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, this time around. However, I know they would not disappoint!

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