For the latest wedding I attended, I found myself  between a rock and a hard place; (I’m being a little dramatic here 😉 ). We were a week before the wedding and I still had no idea what I was going to wear. 😯 Nevertheless, this was an uncomfortable situation for me, as I like to plan things way ahead of time. During my vacation in Miami, I searched and searched for an outfit that was interesting, but nothing spoke to my heart.

Finally, I resolved to look on the internet. I knew what I was looking for; I just couldn’t find it. I had already spotted this dress on ASOS, but they didn’t have my size. However, during one last attempt, my size magically became available. Without hesitation, I made the order before it slipped from my fingers, yet another time!

TwistedDetails3As I’m writing this, I realize that most of my “wedding-dress” stories are somehow connected with how I came to buying them: size magically being available or price unbelievably decreasing! Just a little wink from God reminding me how He favors me!



Dress: Asos

Clutch: gifted


Until next time,


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