I love a good sunkisssed look, where your skin looks like it’s glowing from within! During our stay in Cancun, I achieved this lit-from-within look with the help of 2 highlighters  that were in my makeup arsenal for quite some time but were in the back burner so to speak. So for my trip, I decided to revisit those two creamy highlighters: Nars Multiple South Beach and Benefit Cosmetic Watt’s up.

In the morning, I would just prep my skin as usual with serum (Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil), moisturizer (Yves Rocher- White Botanical- Exceptional hydrating cream) and sunscreen (Biotherm Soin solaire). Afterwards, I’d apply Becca First Light filter to awaken my skin and blur out any type of imperfection. Lastly, I’d apply my creamy highlighters, starting with Nars South beach and then topping it off with Benefit Watt’s up. A little highlight and a perfect red lip are mandatory for those inevitable photoshoot sessions 😉. For my day makeup, I preferred not to apply any foundation as we were literally in and out of the water most of the day!

For nighttime now, it’s a “whole nother story”! Still doing my usual prepping (but skipping this time the sunscreen), I put on Foundation, Concealer, contour, highlight bronzer, blush, eyebrows etc.. the whole shabang! Hubby usually gives me a 30min head start to get ready before we go out to take pictures! Cause we all know… if you don’t take pictures, did it really happen? 🤔 Oh, the things we do for the gram! 🤣

Here’s a breakdown of the products used:


Until next time,

xoxo 💋

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